Provide stable power supply for households in areas without electricity

    The off-grid energy storage system is generally composed of photovoltaic modules, lithium batteries, off-grid inverters, loads, and diesel engines. The system can provide a stable power supply for households in areas without electricity or areas with unstable electricity, and ensure household electricity demand.

    System Advantages


    Complete software and hardware protection mechanism, flexible integration of BMS and EMS

    Adaptable to various types of batteries, on-demand selection of system battery capacity and inverter power matching scheme

    Efficient & Reliable
    High cycle efficiency, 10ms level switching, keeping Load operation

    The system runs automatically, and the system running status can be monitored in real time through the APP

    Can directly use sunlight to generate electricity, store electricity and use green electricity in areas without electricity

    Self-sufficient power system

    During the day, the photovoltaic power generation first supplies the load, and then charges the battery; at night, the battery discharges to supply the load, and when the battery is insufficient, the diesel generator can also supply power to the load. The system can meet the daily electricity demand in areas without a power grid and can be combined with diesel generators to supply loads or charge batteries.

    Can not connected to the grid to generate electricity

    Off-grid energy storage inverters do not have grid-connected certification, so even if the system has a power grid, it cannot be connected to the grid to generate electricity.

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