• Residential hybrid energy storage solution

    Enjoy a comfortable and quality life.

Provide families with a steady stream of green electricity

The hybrid energy storage system generally consists of photovoltaic modules, lithium batteries, hybrid inverters, smart meters, CT, power grids, grid-connected loads and off-grid loads. The system can provide families with a steady stream of green electricity, not afraid of tiered electricity prices, save electricity expenses, manage household energy intelligently, and enjoy a comfortable and quality life.

System Advantages

Complete software and hardware protection mechanism, integrated BMS and EMS

Adaptable to various types of batteries, system battery capacity and inverter power matching scheme can be selected on demand

Efficient & Reliable
High cycle efficiency, 10ms level switching, keeping Load operation, low harmonics and have no impact on the grid

The system runs automatically, and the operating status of the system can be monitored in real-time through the APP

Clean energy can be used 24 hours a day

Various Benefits
Electricity spot arbitrage, improve green power utilization rate, grid auxiliary services

Automatically stored for night time load use

The surplus electricity generated by photovoltaics during the day is automatically stored for nighttime load use; after the battery is fully charged, if there is excess photovoltaic energy, it can also be sold to the grid to obtain electricity sales revenue; in the event of an unexpected power failure, the system will automatically switch as a home backup power supply. Always ensure the normal operation of lighting, security, refrigerators and other important loads.

A micro energy storage power station

The household solar-storage hybrid system is similar to a micro energy storage power station, and its operation is not affected by the pressure of municipal power supply. The battery packs in the system can also be set to self-charge during low power consumption times for backup power peaks or power outages. In addition to being used as an emergency power source, the household solar-storage hybrid system can also cut peaks and fill valleys and balance the electricity load, thereby saving household electricity expenses.

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